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  • Ashoka diamonds are famed for both their rarity and incomparable sparkle just as Boodles is famed amongst our customers for being the only British jeweller to offer this most exclusive stone BoodlesJewellery AshokaDiamondGet in touch with our Online Team to discover more onlineteamboodlescom
  • From sourcing the stones to displaying the jewellery in our Boodles boutiques we strive to be jewellers of exception Click on the link in our bio to find your nearest boutique BoodlesJewellery
  • Come and find us in our sparkling new showroom  BoodlesJewellery
  • Our newly refurbished Boodles boutique in The Royal Exchange combines elegant architecture and beautiful materials to create a sophisticated backdrop for our iconic BoodlesJewellery
  • Boodles relationship with the Cullinan Mine began when the late Anthony Wainwright our Chairmans father visited the mine during an expedition to find the worlds best diamonds Today Jody Wainwright Director of Precious Gemstones has established a lasting connection that his grandfather would be proud of BoodlesJewellery BoodlesxCullinan
  • Whether on a ring necklace some earrings or a bracelet - if you see the word BOODLES and the letter C beside it you know youre looking at a Cullinan Diamond with a very special pedigree BoodlesJewellery BoodlesxCullinanMine
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